Monday, September 24, 2012

Why I love the Food Truck Scene

It has been just a little over a year since the Food Trucks have become so popular in Ft.Worth. I have always loved them in Austin and was thrilled when vegan trucks and ones with vegan options started showing up here.  At the Fort Worth Food Park you can usually find a truck that is very accommodating to your needs.  The Zombie's Food Truck is the only ALL vegan truck.  Good Karma Kitchen is all vegetarian with some great vegan and gluten free options. I will visit each of those during the Vegan Month of Food and share with you some of my favorite items on the menu.  I only wish Lee's Grilled Cheese would offer vegan cheese! Trust me, I have suggested it, but I don't think that will be an option based on the reaction :(

 I love going out there when the weather is nice and enjoying a vegan pizza from Gepetto's Pizza Truck.   Eliud normally has vegan cheese and vegan meats on hand to create a delicious pizza. My favorite is a pizza loaded with all of the veggies sans cheese.

Now I have become a little bit of a vegan foodie and I have to say this is the most amazing pizza I have ever had! I feel bad for even writing this, because my hubby makes all the vegan breads and pizza dough in our house and his is to die for. But there is just something about the way Eluid (the owner of Gepetto's) makes his crust. It has the perfect combination of crunchy and chewy.The pizza is a great size with its 6 slices. It is enough for one person as a meal or you can share it so you can have room to try another food truck! It is finished with a spritz of olive oil and garlic that makes it so delicious!

Look...Vegan Options

So if you are in the area, you should stop by the FW Food Truck and visit Elluid at Geppetto's pizza and build your own vegan pizza. Tell him Regina sent you! You know I shared with you earlier that I am a Food Truck Groupie (Froupie) so of course he will know who you are talking about :)

I almost forgot to mention that we had some really good tacos at Salsa Limon.  My husband ordered them, so I don't know the name. He told me he ordered tacos made with beans, veggies and no cheese and they said "oh, the veggie option".  I am sure that they get lots of people from the planet vega that order their food and are used to that strange request!!  The portion was very large. Each taco was wrapped in two corn tortillas and I was able to split mine into two tacos.  They had a choice of red or green sauce and we tried both. Beware; the red sauce is the HOTTEST sauce ever, and I LOVE spicy food. The flavor of it is so good and really adds something to the taco's, just use a little and have plenty of beer or water on hand to put out the fire.

I am not sure if I answered the title, "Why I love food trucks".. I guess it just sparks my love for eating outside. I really love the concept,  it is like a really grown up picnic with someone else preparing the food!When we moved into our house a few years ago, our first purchase was a patio set. In Texas there is a small window of time that the weather is nice enought to sit outside and eat.  So if the weather is nice and it is Friday night you might find me at food park enjoying some pizza, tacos or whatever amazing things the Zombie's truck has to offer!

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